The Faroe Live Edge Farmtable slab was cut from an Ash tree, and has custom metal farmhouse A-frame leg bases.  Every Live Edge furniture piece is one-of-a-kind, and adds such a unique tone to your home.  Finished with a natural color and clear satin varnish.


Dimensions - 65" long x 29"- 45" wide x 32" tall

Custom Sizing Available



The Tidewrack Live Edge Farmhouse Coffee Table has a solid Maple top slab, and a traditional Farmhouse leg based off the Caspian farmhouse table. Live Edge furniture pieces add a sleek look to your home as well as a definite conversation piece.  The base uses 4x4's that are half lapped, and is finished with Red Mahogany stain and a clear satin varnish.


Dimensions - 59" long x 24" wide x 2.5" thick

Custom Sizing Available



The Kākū Live Edge Farmhouse Desk has a solid Kentucky Coffee top slab, and 2" welded metal A-frame legs.  Kentucky Coffee is a very sought after wood species as it no longer grows in the wild.  One-of-a-kind live edge slab pieces add such a unique look to your home.


Dimensions - 40" long x 30" wide x 2.5" thick

Custom Sizing Available

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