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I was born in Northern California - Humboldt County, and moved around the country as a child because my father was in the Coast Guard.  In 1993, well after my family settled in Hanover, PA I began woodworking, learning from my middle school industrial arts teacher. I really started perfecting my skill during high school shop class designing & building custom tables, hutches, cabinets for my mother. Throughout high school and college I worked with a roofing & siding company which gave me perspective on framing, and how woodwork and construction come together.

Over the last several years I have learned many woodworking skills from my father-in-law, who was in the Philadelphia Carpenters Union.  With his wealth of knowledge, he helped me understand what tools are used for particular applications, and more importantly - how to use tools correctly.  I am forever learning from him, and he is mostly to thank for my knowledge & zeal in woodworking.
Now I design and build custom Farmhouse tables, coffee tables, desks, consoles, Live Edge Slabs, patio bars, and many other handmade furniture pieces.  I seek to find what others consider no longer useful - it is a challenge to turn these items into something useful again, while highlighting what nature has already created.  I use a combination of old-world techniques and contemporary methods.  Each time I design and build a piece of furniture, I learn something new - refining my craft.
My father is retired Coast Guard, so in my younger years I grew up on or near Coast Guard bases near the beach.  Because of this and my love for the ocean, all my furniture pieces are ocean themed in name.

Every handmade furniture piece is custom-built to your request.

- Catlin Gould 

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