I began woodworking in 1993 in Hanover, PA from my middle school industrial arts teacher. I really started perfecting my skill during high school shop class making custom tables, hutches, cabinets for my mother. Throughout high school and college I worked with a roofing & siding company which gave me perspective on framing, and how woodwork and construction come together.

Over the last several years I have learned from my father-in-law, who was in the Philadelphia Carpenters Union.  He helped me understand what tools are used for particular applications, and more importantly - how to use tools correctly.  He is mostly to thank for my knowledge & zeal in woodworking.


I now design and construct custom Farmhouse tables, coffee tables, desks, framework, patio bars, and many other handmade furniture pieces.  Each time I design and construct a furniture piece, I learn something new - refining my craft.

Every handmade furniture piece is custom-built to your request.

- Catlin Gould 

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